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FUSION Pro 1.0 Controller Guide and Features


fusion pro features


The officially licensed, FUSION Pro Controller earns its elite status thanks to a rigorous 4-stage testing regimen that includes one million button presses, to certify only top quality components. Platter style analog sticks, tuned with proprietary world-class testing software, ensure smooth tracking and unmatched precision. Dual trigger locks for rapid-fire capabilities, combined with four intuitively placed, assignable underside buttons, gives gamers the ultimate advantage. Finished with distinctive styling, customizable illumination, superior ergonomics, a 3.5mm audio jack, and a tournament-legal 9.8ft cord - The FUSION Pro controller is the definitive gaming controller.

  • Superior Quality Components
  • Precision Analog Sticks
  • Dual Trigger Locks
  • 4 Underside Assignable Buttons
  • 9.8ft Braided USB Cable, 3.5mm Audio Jack & Custom Illumination
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