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Joystick Calibration Instructions (Addresses 'Stick Drift' Symptoms)


If you experience joystick control issues, commonly referred to as 'stick drift', perform the following calibration steps to resolve:

  1. After ensuring your controller is unplugged from your PS4 console, slide the controller mode switch to PS4 USB.
  2. Set all trigger locks to T1.
  3. Hold the OPTION button down (DO NOT RELEASE), then press the PS button. (The LED will turn Green.)
  4. Next, connect the controller to a PlayStation console USB port or to a PC via USB cable (LED will be still be Green).
  5. Press L2 and R3 to max physical distance 3 times in a row, and rotate both joysticks with max physical distance 3 times (LED will turn off).
  6. Tap the Share button once, the LED will flash Green 3 times then turn off. This means the calibration been successfully completed.
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