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Charge and Display Station for PlayStation VR Guide and Features


psvr display and charge station


The Charge & Display Station is the best solution for safely displaying the PlayStation®VR Headset and accessories without tucking them away. Officially licensed by Sony and designed by PowerA, it offers a secure solution for displaying your PlayStation®VR Headset in all its glory, while charging a DUALSHOCK®4 Controller and 2 PlayStation®Move Motion Controllers simultaneously. You've spent hard-earned money on these magnificent adult toys - keep them powered up, off the ground, and away from handsy kids or pets.

  • Officially licensed by Sony for PlayStation®VR
  • Designed with the help of PlayStation's own VR team, to safely secure the PS VR Headset and display it proudly
  • Charges 1 DUALSHOCK®4 Controller and 2 PlayStation®Move Motion Controllers
  • The PlayStation logo is your assurance of greatness
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