1. Gently unfold the Stereo & Chat Headset ear-cups.
  2. Insert the mic boom and ensure it's guide-notch is properly aligned.

Your Headset is operational with or without the mic boom.


Inline Control Operation

When used with Nintendo 3DS™ in music playback mode, the single button Inline Control will support the following functions:

  • One Click: Play/pause music playback
  • Two Clicks in quick succession: Skips to next music track
  • Three Clicks in quick succession: Skips to previous music track


Using the Mic Boom

  • To Attach: Line up the notch on the mic boom connector with the groove on the ear-cup. Press firmly until the mic snaps into place.
  • To Detach: Grasp the mic boom in one hand and the ear-cup in the other and gently pull them apart.