Please note that the newest console update for the Nintendo Switch (link at bottom of this article for reference) has included a feature to remap the buttons on Nintendo Switch controllers. This is similar to PowerA's "AGB program feature", and we want to call out the fact that this is “compatible only on Joy-Con (L), Joy-Con (R), and Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. The buttons on Nintendo Switch Lite can also be remapped.”

All 3rd party controllers (even though Officially Licensed by Nintendo) are not supported at this time. It does not mean that Nintendo will never support them; they could put out an update to support 3rd party but we have no confirmation when this will happen.

NOTE: This does not in any way “break” our remapping on the physical controller through our AGB programming on the Enhanced Switch controllers. That will still work independently of the console remap. For those customers wanting to remap a standard “non-enhanced” PowerA wired controller via the Nintendo Switch “remap” – this will not be compatible.  

View the official Nintendo update instructions on console remap for first party controllers.