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Why can't my friends hear me?


  1. Make sure that the microphone is completely attached to the headset, and that the mute button is not pressed in.
  2. Check your console or PC menu settings to be sure that the headset microphone is selected for input.
  3. The Fusion Headset was specifically designed to work on PC, Mac, with all mobile devices, all current PowerA controllers and all current official 1st party controllers for Xbox One and PS4. Not all third party controllers (especially older models) have current enough firmware to meet the standard spec requirements for the Fusion Headset. Please ensure that the controllers used with this headset are official controllers, PowerA branded controllers, or the most recent models for 3rd party controllers in order to fully utilize the features of the Fusion Headset.

If you are still experiencing this issue after following these steps, please reach out to us.

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