Black Ice mini Controller for Xbox One

From those who brought you the first mini Controller, comes a redesign that packs giant features. The NEW mini Controller by PowerA is officially licensed for Xbox One, offering comfort and precision for those with a smaller grip, for children, and for travel. With dual rumble motors, impulse triggers, new hexagon micro-textured undercarriage, new color options, and a new 3.5 audio jack, this mini Controller has all the essentials a gamer expects.

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Key Features

nano-sized ergonomics

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This compact design is ideal for those with smaller grips, including children. Perfect size for traveling and gaming on the go.

Dual Rumble Motors and Impulse Triggers

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Feel every bit of action in your hands and through your fingertips. The dual rumble motors and impulse triggers on the mini Controller pack giant power.

Hexagon Micro-Textured Undercarriage

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This stylish mico-texture is a perfect fit for a mini Controller. It looks nice and feels nice.

3.5mm audio jack

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Plug your gaming headset into the mini Controller and quickly change the volume and mic settings through the Xbox One dashboard.

9.8ft Wired cable in-line release

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Never worry about dead batteries or charging your controller. The 9.8ft in-line release cable offers you the dependability of continuous gaming without having to find a power source.

Officially licensed by Microsoft

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Specifically designed for Xbox One and officially licensed by Microsoft.