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FUSION Xbox Pro Controller: Real World Testing

FUSION Xbox Pro Controller: Real World Testing

If you have been considering a controller upgrade, the FUSION Pro controller is a really great option. The price is right, construction quality is high, and you get the pro paddle experience that can be really impactful.

Hi, fellow gamers. I’m David, the Digital Marketing Manager for

My plan is to spend some time each month reviewing PowerA accessories, and giving you my perspective as a gamer. I’m primarily an FPS player. And within the world of FPS, 95% of that time is spent playing Destiny 2.

When I first began playing, I used a standard controller. It’s the form factor I’ve been used to since buying the original Xbox. You know it and love it – slide your right thumb over to the A, B, X, Y buttons and do your thing. I put a few hundred of hours into playing D2, and while I was never the best at any activity, I was alright.

But a friend on my fireteam (considerably better than me, honestly) swore by the benefits of using the paddles on the back of upgraded controllers. I told him I thought he was probably overinflating the significance, and pushed the thought aside. I was probably never going to make the shift – it’s a big investment, and I probably would have just continued using standard controllers. I always figured investing in a controller plus a LucidSound headset guaranteed more satisfying gameplay and audio happiness.

However, when he gifted me one of the first-party Elite controllers, I was floored by the benefits of the paddles. Reloading? Easier. Reloading while jumping? Game changer. Using a paddle to swap weapons is easier and more intuitive. The advantages in terms of speed and ergonomics are immediately evident, and while I’ll probably never be good at PvP, I have managed to hold my own on high level content.

I spent a good 15 months using the upgraded controller while playing D2. After this experience, I can’t see playing without the paddles. But sometime last month I got a hankering for a new controller. Good thing the FUSION Pro Wired controller was there to step in and help me continue on the path of D2 PvE dominance.

My early impressions of the controller:

  • Swappable thumbsticks are great to have –  I typically swap out the right one for quick response when moving my character’s FOV.
  • Programming the paddles is straightforward – hold down the button on the back, then map the front buttons to the paddles. Paddle responsiveness is good, as is thumbstick movement. One note on the front normal buttons – pressing them requires a wee bit more effort than on the 1st party controller, but I find it to be more satisfying.
  • Weight of the controller is great. And while our FUSION Wired controller doesn’t have that rubberized plastic texture that the 1st party controller has, it still feels comfortable and stable during playing. 
  • Audio jack is the standard 3.5mm, and using a headset with the controller provides clear sound and chat.
  • Love the green friction rings. Adds much needed visual contrast. And changing them out is super easy with the magnetic top plate.
  • The nearly 10-foot-long USB cable included in the packaging is plenty long enough, and with the snap-lock, I’ve felt confident about the cable staying secure during gameplay.
  • The case – durable, perfect size, and exactly what I need to keep children and pets away.

Honestly, if you have been considering a controller upgrade, the FUSION Pro controller is a really great option. The price is right, construction quality is high, and you get the pro paddle experience that can be really impactful. We try and keep the black and white colors in stock, but even when they’re temporarily out of stock, you can still find them via the links to retailers on the product details page.

Now, back to D2!