FUSION Gaming Headset

Turn up your game with the FUSION Gaming Headset. Featuring large 50mm drivers that deliver stereo sound, deep bass and crisp highs, via noise-isolating ear cups for the ultimate sound experience. Discreet, on-ear controls let you mute yourself with one touch or change the volume with a twist. The sleek, flexible boom microphone provides mic monitoring for clearer communication and on-ear mute so you can be heard when you want to. The adjustable memory foam headband and padded ear cups provide comfort for long-lasting gaming sessions.

+ Compatible with Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac and mobile devices
+ Includes a 42-inch braided 3.5mm audio cable

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Key Features

Stereo sound with noise-isolating ear cups

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The most important aspect of any pair of headphones is the sound quality, and the FUSION Gaming Headset is built to satisfy your senses. The noise-isolating ear cups are padded for comfort and drown out ambient noise while you stay focused on the game.

Detachable boom microphone

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Extremely flexible and sleek, the boom microphone won’t get in the way. Mute yourself with the push of a button, and be heard only when you want to.

On-ear volume and mute controls

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You won’t have to pause your game to change the volume or mute yourself. Give the rotational wheel on the left ear cup a smooth twist to turn the volume up or down. Simply press the mute button on the left ear cup to silence yourself.

Crystal-clear chat with mic monitoring

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No need to shout, unless you’re just excited. Mic monitoring allows you to hear your own voice through your headset as you speak into the microphone.

Memory foam headband

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The more comfortable the headset, the longer you can game. Memory foam padding is the cherry on top of the FUSION Gaming Headset.

Large 50mm Drivers

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50mm drivers feature stereo sound, with deeper bass and crisp highs.