FUSION sculpture made of glass and resin hung on a wall.

Pacific Northwest Artist Gives Life to FUSION Through an Edgy Sculpture

In September 2019, PowerA unveiled the FUSION Pro Wired Controllers for the Xbox One and FUSION Wired FightPads for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch – all part of the new FUSION lineup. With advanced gaming capabilities in mind and enhanced customization to align with personal gameplay preferences, FUSION controllers cater to the avid gamer – and they do so in style.

To highlight and celebrate PowerA’s creative efforts for FUSION’s new beginnings, a local Pacific Northwest artist, Molly Schwartz was commissioned to create an attention-grabbing sculptural installment. Popular for her unique art style, featuring ambitious pieces incorporating shattered glass and resin over vibrant illustrations – such as the one she created using DJ Zedd’s tour art – PowerA President, Co-founder Eric Bensussen, immediately felt synergistic qualities between her art and the FUSION brand.

“Her work is innovative and original… I saw tremendous similarities between her art and our FUSION products. It embodies what the brand represents: it allows gamers unique ways to game and customize their experience”, explained Eric. “We felt that the blend of material would really bring FUSION to life…,” he added.

PowerA and Schwartz collaborated on the initial design of the piece. Created by the PowerA Design Team, the FUSION graffiti was the starting point.

“It is so gorgeous… I wanted to work with it and around it… add to it,” Molly added.

After compiling, glass, wood, paint, and glue, Eric Bensussen had the honor of shattering the first piece of glass at Molly’s art studio.

“Glass is unique, you never know exactly how things will turn out… you need to adapt, be creative, think freely, and let yourself be inspired by the medium,” describes Molly.

Close up of artist Molly Schwartz working on the FUSION sculpture

Molly described why she felt glass fits the FUSION brand so well: it adds texture but also a sort of “danger factor, with sharp, jagged edges” but also blends so perfectly the smoothness of the resin. This deliberate dichotomy creates an innovative and powerful visual contrast, in line with the FUSION brand.

Molly explains that the piece took about 300 hours to finish. “But I enjoyed the process so much… I didn’t carefully keep track of how much time I spent on it.”
This is how we know FUSION Pro and Fightpad users will feel about gaming with our controllers.

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For more information about Molly Schwartz and her work visit her website and follow her on Instagram @MollySchwartzStudio