Organize your PlayStation VR Experience

This is a lot of stuff. Beautiful, exciting, awesome stuff…just a lot of it:

After enjoying the full PlayStation VR unboxing experience, one might ask: “Where am I going to put all of this?”

We see 3 options.

1. For the “I don’t care” folk:

“Where am I going to put all of this?” I’ve spent around $500 on all the goodies for my PS VR Experience and I don’t really feel like spending any more. I can probably find a spot in the cabinet…but don’t want it to get scratched. I’m going to be using it all the time, so for now it should stay on the floor near the TV and hopefully no one will trip over it. 

2. For the proud & prepared:

“Where am I going to put all of this?” I don’t want to tuck it away…I spent a lot of money on this thing and have been waiting forever! Gotta show it off. Plus, I need to charge all these controllers and don’t want to keep track of more cords & things. I’m getting that Charge & Display Station everyone’s been talking about.


3. For the neat & discreet:

“Where am I going to put all of this?” I can’t have everyone fondling it…or the pets messing with it. I might want to bring it to Kevin’s house too. I definitely need a Storage Case



The Best part? All of these options are officially licensed by Sony. (even the first one, maybe). Always looks for that PlayStation stamp of approval when purchasing PlayStation VR accessories.