GameStop Expo 2016 Recap!

After some travel time and reflection, we have some photos to share from the GameStop Expo! It was a fun week in Anaheim, California meeting GameStop Managers and enthusiastic gamers, playing new games, and showing off our new products.

We started by laying out these seat cushions near the entrance and telling Twitter to “take care of your A” by grabbing one – THEY WERE GONE WITHIN 1 HOUR, the day before the show started. We saw PowerA logos bobbing through a sea of human legs all week long.

gse-show-cushionsWe saved a few cushions for our booth and decided on an impromptu T-shirt giveaway. By suspiciously sneaking around the show, we hid obvious seat cushions on randomly secluded chairs and atop water coolers, trying to blend into crowds of people that have eyes open for free stuff. This was quite fun and our advanced stealthiness caused 2 of the 9 cushions to go completely unseen and forever lost.







The PowerA booth was colorful, loud and fun. We had our FUSION video playing and gaming stations set up with 6 different games (Hello Rare Replay!)


dsc_0055The main attractions were our brand new FUSION Controllers and FUSION Gaming Headset. We were pleased to hear a lot of great feedback about the look and feel of both:

“The ear cups are really comfortable.”

“Having the volume on the ear like that is awesome.”

“That’s loud! I like to wear them around my neck and some headphones aren’t loud enough for me.”

“I’m excited for the interchangeable analog sticks…a lot of people don’t want to pay $150 for that.”

“The controller feels really good, I’m glad you brought back these grips.”

“I love the gold on the controllers!”



There was some buzz surrounding our Charge & Display Station for PlayStation VR and Storage Case for PlayStation VR after they were featured in the PlayStation training room.


Also anticipated – the Gears of War Component Kit for Xbox Elite Wireless Controller!


We introduced a White Charging Station for the Xbox Wireless Controller to go with the new Xbox One S. The white controller below also features our new F.P.S. Analog Caps for Xbox One (yes, we make them for PlayStation 4 too)!


Most of the PowerA team used a mini Controller while traveling to and from California, since they’re easy to pack and don’t run out of battery.


The Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Charging Stand for PS4 made its debut at the Activision booth.


And some of our items hung out at the Microsoft Xbox booth…


But the best part of any show is talking with other gamers, hanging out and experiencing our new products. Thank you to everyone who stopped by at the GameStop Expo…and any other show!




Check out this time-lapse of our booth on Instagram.