Behind the Scenes: Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox One

As a part of the gaming industry, we get to work on all sorts of cool projects with our partners. From our recent work with Activision on the Crash Bandicoot controller and Heavy Metal Statues to working with Ubisoft on our Assassin’s Creed pin collection, each product is a combination of passion for the game, for the industry and for you, our fans.

This time, the Xbox One Enhanced Wired Controller was no different. We started this project with a single mission, to create a controller with the look & feel of a first party controller, great ergonomics and enhanced features like custom button-mapping and a wide variety of colors.

Our concept and creation process is pretty interesting so we decided to take you behind the scenes to hear from Sr. Director of Product Development at PowerA, Jason Biheller. Jason takes us on a tour and tells us how the teams pull together a new controller from concept, to sketch, to product launch.

What do you think about the process? Would you like to see more behind the scenes videos from PowerA?

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